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The Rainbow After The Rain

Submitted by: maple
Author: Maple
God never promise us a good life on earth;
but He gave the assurance that there will always
be a rainbow after the rain.

Life on earth is not always what we expected

and wanted it to be. But if we can put our
trust in God, He can sail us through definitely.

God never let us bear what is impossible;

and He makes sure what we bear is the
limit that we can take without much difficulty.

After the rain, things will be changed;

everything on earth seems to be new
and clean. With these renew scenario,
we should be:

- a more positive and courageous person

as indicated by the RED of the rainbow;

- a creative, thoughtful and joyful person

as indicated by the ORANGE of the rainbow;

- an intelligent, confident and logical person as

indicated by the YELLOW of the rainbow;

- a renewed, generous and practical person as

indicated by the GREEN of the rainbow;

- a peaceful, sincere and responsible person as

indicated by the BLUE of the rainbow;

- a relaxed, devoted and wise person as

indicated by the INDIGO of the rainbow;

and last but not least, a spiritual and idealistic

person as indicated by the VIOLET of the rainbow.
Puisi di atas kurang lebih isinya bahwa Alloh tidak pernah menjanjikan hidup kita selalu berjalan baik di dunia. Tapi Alloh menjanjikan bahwa selalu ada pelangi setelah hujan. Ya, hidup tidak selalu seperti apa yang kita perkirakan dan kita inginkan. Kita percayakan saja semuanya kepada Alloh. Maka, Alloh akan memberikan yang terbaik. ☺
FNK-- With Love

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